Design and Engineering
of Professional Kitchens

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AG-REST puts its expertise in drawing up technical plans at your service.

Project programming phase.

  • Project's leader statement of need
  • Constraints' analysis
  • Structures' state analysis
  • Equipments' state analysis
  • Feasibility study
  • VArious scenarios
  • Cost estimate
  • Provisional timetable
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Project's conception phase.

  • Feasibility study and scenarios' validation
  • Expression of the area and power needed
  • Defining aims for proper functioning
  • Equipment's program elaboration
  • Project's study
  • Kitchen's equipment validation
  • Technical adjustment
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Project's realisation phase.

  • Execution's compliance control
  • Coordination of the stakeholders
  • Site meetings
  • Verification of construction works
  • Financial monitoring
  • Checking the following receiving transation
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Delivery phase.

  • Assisting delivery operations
  • Equipments' and performances' verification
  • Users' training
  • Total completion's guarantee
  • Guarantee of perfect completion
  • HACCP procedure & sanitary control
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Our field of expertise also covers conducting audits, assessing the state of facilities or equipment, bringing them to compliance and drafting specifications. We can also create 3D models and computer graphics.

We have the skills to create plans (including electricity networks, water networks, furniture configuration, etc.). Our objective is to lead the projects from start to finish. We also have the expertise to help you with the overall layout of the premises (restaurant or bar, franchised brands, concept adaptation, etc.).

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